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ABS - 750gr - Black - 1.75mm - 2.85mm


Unless otherwise specified our filament is not returnable after purchase, please ensure you choose the correct size, colour and weight.





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Technical information:

Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) is a thermoplastic and a copolymer that is used for rigid objects. It consists of 5-30% Butadiene, around 50% Styrene and the rest is Acrylonitrile.

ABS is a strong material with high toughness and impact resistance. The maximum operating temperature is between 85 °C and 100 °C, depending on the modifications. The minimum operating temperature is -35 °C. ABS is a flammable polymer to which flame retardant can be added. It is also subject to ageing by being exposed to the weather conditions (UV light, oxygen, moisture, heat) because Polybutadiene stimulates the oxidation of Polystyrene. This causes discolouration and the plastic loses its mechanical strength. In order to improve this UV stabilisers can be added. 

The 3D4MAKERS ABS Filament contains unique properties because the material has an extremely constant diameter and roundness. On top of that the ABS Filament does not come into contact with water during the production process and is directly packaged in a vacuum packaging. These properties make the 3D4MAKERS ABS Filament particularly suitable for FDM and FFF 3D printers.

The material has an excellent adhesion between the layers. This results in great improvement of the impact resistance, strength, durability, the printing process and “warping”.

The ABS Filament produced by 3D4MAKERS meets the European regulations EC No. 1935/2004, EC No. 2023/2006 and EC No. 10/2011 concerning plastic materials and articles coming into contact with food. The colorants used by 3D4MAKERS to colour the Filament also meet these European regulations.

Moisture content


1,75 mm Filament

2,85 mm Filament





Tensile Stress

Flexural Modulus

Impact strength Notched Izod

Measurements & Tolerance

< 0,05%


Diameter tolerance

+/- 0,05mm

+/- 0,05mm

Physical properties



1,05 g/cm3

Mechanical properties



45 Mpa

2300 Mpa

19 Kj/m²

ABS Data Sheet





Test Method


ISO 1183/B

Test Method


ISO 527-2/50

ISO 178

ISO 180/A

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