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facilan HT



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Unless otherwise specified our filament is not returnable after purchase, please ensure you choose the correct size, colour and weight.

Facilan™ HT is a high glass transition temperature amorphous co-polyester.  

  • High Tg Copolyester (100°C), superior to PETG and PLA

  • High tensile strength, superior to PETG and ABS   

  • High gloss  

  • Based on Food Contact Approved raw materials (US, EU, Japan) and raw materials fulfilling the Directive 2009/548/EC for Toy safety

Thanks to Facilan™ HT superior heat resistance, it enables more durable applications for heat sensitive applications. Its high strength can optimize 3D designs with low infill for faster print job and thin wall with high rigidity of the parts. High gloss and shiny surface. 

Facilan™ HT Material Properties 

  • Density: 1.3 g/cm³

  • Tensile Strength: 62 MPa

  • Elongation at Yield: 7 %

  • Tensile Modulus: 2100 MPa

  • IZOD Impact Strength (notched): 3 kJ/m2

  • Shore D Hardness: 76

  • Heat Deflection Temperature (0,45 MPa): 89 °C

Print Settings 

  • Bed Temperature: 75 - 85 °C

  • Adhesion: PEI sheet / Glass

  • Print Temperature: 240 - 250 °C

  • Print Speed: 40 - 75 mm/s

Facilan HT Data Sheet
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