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Ultimaker and 3D4makers Filament: A match made in 3D heaven!

Printing on an Ultimaker alone is a pleasure, its high quality structure and user friendly programming makes working with this piece of machinery a dream, bringing beautifully thought out ideas to life.. its fun to work with to :)

3D4makers filaments' print exquisitely contributing to the general success of Berg3D.

General properties;

  • Excellent roundness 99% - vertically extended

  • 0% Moisture; these filaments never come into contact with water during the production process and are directly packaged in a vacuum packaging.

  • ​Diameter tolerance; +- 0.05mm, perfect layer stacking with a constant diameter across the entire spool.

  • The filament un-spools easily

  • Precise filament packaging standards; only the best vacuum sealed protection is used, the integrity of the filament is never compromised.

  • Brilliant adhesion characteristics (PLA)

  • Impact resistant, strong and durable (PETG)

NOW... combining both of these incredible products well.. the results are obvious?!!

  • High quality prints

  • Beautiful, professional prints

  • Less wasted material

  • Less failed prints

  • Higher customer satifaction

  • Fine finishes

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