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SANBS Floating 3D Printed Gaz'Lam Trophy

"Despite losing 40-7 to FNB Maties in the final on Monday 16 April, FNB NWU had another reason to smile when they were awarded the Gaz'Lam trophy for having the most supporters donate blood during the 2018 Varsity Cup season."

Berg3D Printing received a request to quote on 3D printing the SANBS Trophy approx 30 cm high for the Varsity Cup ;

On receival of the order we requested a few blood bags be sent to us to start working on a number of concepts.

When the final render was approved we began printing the trophy in parts - on 1 of our LulzBot Taz 6 3D Printers - which we later joined.

Before joining the individual prints we sanded and smoothed them, once joined we sanded again. The trophy was then coated in a gel and given a final sand to make sure it was even.

From there we applied a layer of primer, black spray paint and then the gold spray paint - applied 5 times to give the Trophy a metallic finish - the Trophy was then placed in a heat chamber to dry.

The Trophy is made from 3D4MAKERS PETG plastic;

A modified version of PET, a plastic used to make bottles and various other everyday packaging.

PETG is very strong and durable.

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